Wednesday, October 17, 2012

on refraining from buying

I'm in the process of killing my lemmings for Maybelline's new Lip Cream Color (Baby Lips Color) and Canmake's new clear type Cream Cheeks. Online reviews seem to agree that the Maybelline Baby Lips Color balms are not all that moisturizing, so despite the stain-like pigmentation of #3 and #4, I think I'll pass, inexpensive and LE though these are. The reviews for the new Canmake colors are good, but similar to the original colors, the lasting power is average. Oddly enough, Canmake's website doesn't mention the 3rd clear type color - Sunset. I think I'll invest in Visee's new cream cheek colors in the nicer tube packaging instead. Both products are quite attractively priced at about 500 yen each; it is very hard to kill these lemmings.

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