Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Villa Moura Ginza ヴィラモウラ 銀座本店の絶品デザート

Villa Moura Ginza ヴィラモウラ 銀座のデザートは最高!

サイズは小さかったけど、味は甘すぎない・にがくない・深いチョコレートでした。 ペロッと食べてしまいました。

Villa Moura usually does an excellent job with meats and fish in general, but their chicken is particularly fantastic.

For desserts, this is quite possibly the best value in Tokyo.  It is that good.  I've never had a bad dessert here, and they serve things that I wouldn't normally eat.

Aux Bacchanales has fantastic single serving tarts for 200 yen, but they're neck and neck with Villa Moura in terms of the sublime.  Okay, so it's easier to grab a tart to-go from the bakery at Aux Bacchanales, but it's hard to turn away from Villa Moura if I have the chance to go there!

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