Sunday, January 12, 2014

Simplifying my Wardrobe: Bags

Inspired by The Minimalist Mom and other sites, I've started thinking more about how to get rid of things.  Composing this post forced me to be realistic and eliminate 4 additional items.  I found this point from very apt:
Dress for your real life, not your fantasy one.
  1. A satin magnetic closure purse that I bought more than 8 years ago.  I've used it a few times, but that's about it.
  2. red wallet that is too small to be useful (magazine freebie)
  3. Large orange briefcase that can be split up into 2 sections - passed it to the SO
  4. A large purse that is nice but too heavy
  5. A small purse that doesn't hold enough for my purposes
  1. Small black ostrich leather purse - super cute and looks like it will last me my lifetime.  After 10 years or so, it looks like new!  Partially this is because I only use it occasionally.
  2. To be replaced: Brown computer briefcase.  Light and well designed, but showing a bit of wear on the leather accents.  If I ever wear it out, I hope I can get this sleek briefcase:This black purse is probably a bit more versatile and generally useful, but it's not as stunningly sleek as the briefcase: 
  3. To be replaced: Blue crossbody nylon purse -> hoping to replace this some day with a sleeker, more durable alternative
On the travel side:
  1. Orange weekender bag
  2. Fold-able blue duffle for sports
  3. Large suitcase - the zipper for the expandable section has broken, but otherwise it's in good condition
  4. Fold-able thin black travel pack - ostensibly for when I might need an extra suitcase coming home, but it has only been used once for travel, and otherwise for hauling laundry.
  5. To be replaced: Black Nike backpack that has an almost unusable zipper - practically new but I hate it because of the faulty zipper -> I would definitely like to replace this backpack with a better one, but am trying to get more use out of it first
  6. Candidate for elimination: Maroon duffel from my college crew days - nostalgic and one of a kind.  Mostly just used for hauling laundry to and from the laundromat
  7. Candidate for elimination: Orange duffel bag -> storing my unused-for-years snowboarding equipment.
  8. 2 travel organizers
  9. 2 toiletry cases
  10. A sento bag for visits to the local baths
I may still have a small carry-on, or I may have dumped this as it was on its last legs.  I'm not sure as it may be inside of the large suitcase.

  1. 5 simple totes (magazine freebies plus a こきんちゃん tote) - used for my toiletries, my belts, my weekend purse, and my hair things
  2. 2 canvas shopping bags, 3 nylon shopping totes
  3. 4 wallets
  4. 3 pouches, 2 change pouches
 Next up, maybe shoes, maybe looping back to clothes.  This is an iterative process.

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