Sunday, June 08, 2014

Bistro Tres Mignon has a web page!

I never knew that they had a website until I stumbled upon it today.

Nakameguro Bistro Tres Mignon 中目黒 ビストロトレミニヨン has a tender and juicy hamburg steak, and an amazing chicken confit (sometimes a daily special).

Chicken Confit チケンコンフィ (Daily Special 日替わり)

Hamburg Steak ハンバーグ(柔らかくてジューシよ!)
Definitely a steal at lunch (1000 yen~) and worth the money at dinner.  If you can get the home-made mutton sausage (dinner only usually) - it's spicy and so flavorful!  Even people who don't normally like mutton get addicted to it.

Home-made Mutton Sausage 自家製羊ソーセージ(日替わり、夜)

The vegetable ratattouille is delicious too - not too tart and perfectly cooked and flavorful.  The omelet hayashi and curry seem popular but I usually get the hamburg or the daily special.  Omelet hayashi is great but seriously, when there's chicken confit you'd have to be crazy not to get it.

Swordfish steak カジキマグロ
.About 10 minutes from Nakameguro Station, the chef is pretty chill and cool.  They play good music too!  It's pretty random, from jazz to Sheryl Crow to the Beatles.  Very French Bistro style inside.

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