Sunday, October 12, 2014

Dry scalp and dry shampoos

Since my scalp isn't oily, I think the flaky skin on my scalp is the result of dryness - or stress from moving?  Periodically it troubles me.  I'm trying to treat it by washing my hair less frequently and using different treatments.
* Mayonnaise worked really well as a conditioning treatment - spreads easily, but greasy to wash out
* Coconut oil seems to work less well, but virgin coconut oil smells nice.  Just trying to use up my coconut oil though - I find it a pain to have to heat it up to use (it's pretty cool where I am).  Hard to work through the scalp.
* Aveda dandruff treatment - feels great, and spreads easily on my scalp.  I don't think I have dandruff, but this is a salicylic acid preparation so works fine for my purposes also.
* Clear hair dry scalp treatment - to be tested out.  7 doses on sale for $3 at The Grocery Outlet.

In order to shampoo less, I've been using dry shampoos to some extent.

So far I've tried Klorane dry shampoo - I liked it - pretty easy to brush out, hair felt cleaner, and it added body to my hair.  However, being an aerosol, it's a bit of a pain to travel with.

I also got Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo - the jasmine-scented powder.  Being a powder, it's a bit of a pain to apply and brush out - I think using a powder or kabuki brush would probably help a lot with this.  However, the mini size is extremely portable so I may take it along for trips/emergencies.  I find Klorane easier to use.  I don't mind the scent but it can be a bit strong.

Batiste gets good reviews; I will give it a try next.

I've used the Shiseido dry shampoo spray - it is only moderately effective -  you really need to work it through the scalp and I found I needed to reapply later in the day.  It's essentially an alcohol so I did worry that it dried out my scalp.

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