Saturday, October 03, 2015

Incense, and other things

Wow, has it been more than a month since I posted?  I've been rather occupied with helping my mother out lately.

It seems like I haven't been able to find a good incense since the Aomori Hiba incense.

The old standby Shrinivas Sugandhalaya Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa that I ordered in a huge box from Amazon came all roughed up - not at all its normal self.  I've been trying to use it up but since I mistakenly ordered a huge box, it'll take me months.  I purchased an interesting twisted paper Deodar Cedar incense from the Himalayas, but DH complains that it smells moldy.  I need a good incense exchange!

In other news, my cousin told me about Olay's Total Effects moisturizer, so I bought some from Costco for my mother to try out.  If she rejects it DH can try it out.  I suspect the packaging won't appeal to him though.

Janet Jackson's new album is out! I love her new song with Missy Elliot: "BURNITUP!"

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