Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Introducing BOUCHERIE AmiaBras in Shibuya, Tokyo

Merguez メルゲーズ (from the old restaurant Tres Mignon. The new restaurant only serves the sausage as charcuterie - unless it's the special of the day - so it doesn't come as a meal with vegetables)
Introducing my favorite restaurant (that I have yet to visit): BOUCHERIE AmiaBras on Aoyama dori between 渋谷 Shibuya and 青山 Aoyama, on the south west side of Tokyo.  The chef used to run our favorite French bistro in Nakameguro. My husband and I were devastated when it closed suddenly, but overjoyed to hear that the chef had opened his own new place!

Beef Tongue stewed in Wine (from the old restaurant Tres Mignon, where this was a hanami lunch special. At the new restaurant this is a standalone plate without vegetables)
My top menu recommendations are the merguez メルゲーズ lamb sausage at dinner (hubby doesn't like lamb, and I am a weakling about spice, but we both adore this spicy homemade sausage) and the juicy flavorful hamburg steak offered at lunch (if you find any place that does it better than here, let me know!). I do love the other dinner options (crispy chicken and duck confit, and the beef tongue is amazing), so it's always a challenge, but the hamburg steak usually trumps everything except the merguez...

Chicken confit (from the old restaurant Tres Mignon, when it was a lunch special. At the new restaurant it comes without vegetables)
Swordfish steak lunch (from the old restaurant Tres Mignon)
Lunch is a ridiculous steal starting at 1000 yen and up, and since the hamburg steak only seems to be offered at lunch, you should experience lunch and dinner here!

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D. said...

Hey kuri,

Thanks for posting photos! Now I have real enticement to go try out this place :D


kuri said...

Cool! I couldn't find my pictures of the hamburg steak but the facebook page has pictures of all the food as it looks now :)