Tuesday, July 20, 2004

golf, drum arcade game

Yesterday was the holiday 海の日(Sea Day). Coming back from Ito we stopped at Yokohama. We went to a bowling/entertainment center that had almost any sport imaginable. An ice rink on the 2nd floor (in summer!), ping pong, archery!, a batting range, a tennis range, a place to shoot baskets. I went to the driving range for the first time.  It was pretty fun, but the golf swing feels rather strange.  I enjoyed it a lot though.  A friend taught us some basics, but actually only swinging my shoulders is rather difficult. 

Another first was trying that taiko drumming game where you hit the middle or the edge of the drum depending on the beat showing on the screen.  It's fun trying to drum to Carmen, William Tell, or jpop songs.  I could see wasting a lot of money on this game.  200 yen for 2 songs.  I guess used manga is a better investment. 

We also played a couple games of pool.  I scratched on the 8 ball in the second game, but made it in on the 3rd game.  Whew.  Often I start out playing fairly accurately, then eventually can't get anything in, so it was nice to regain a little accuracy in the end.

Mini golf and the seesaw game were lots of fun too.  Very interesting mini golf courses.  Rather dangerous, actually.  Laf.   There's one where you hit the ball up a ramp and it flies into a net about 4 feet high.  I wonder if someone got a picture.  It was a bit tricky hitting the ball hard enough to reach the net. 

We went to the movie theatre to see what movies were playing, but the selection was pretty boring.  A bunch of screens with Spiderman 2.  I'm still bitter about paying money to see the first Spiderman, which was spectacularly disappointing, so I have no interest in the second movie.  But I feel bad that I never want to see the movies that everyone else wants to see.  No interest in Day after Tomorrow either.  I think I've seen enough of those global disaster movies.

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