Monday, June 29, 2009

Friday, June 26, 2009

favorites update

current favorites
* Seikisho soap - love the delicate herbal scent! can be a little drying though
* Adjuvant Re:>>>Treatment
* Laura Biagiotti Roma edt - lovely fragrance
* Jean Patou Sublime edt
* Kanebo Kate Super Sharp Liner BR-1
* Paul & Joe lipstick - love the shine and subtle sparkle of this lipstick, but it's too expensive to re-purchase (unless I really can't duplicate this with any other lipstick)
* Majolica Majorca Eye Shadow Customize - the metallic shades are really great and so inexpensive!
* Kanebo Lunasol Sheer Contrast eye shadow - limited edition summer palette - too sparkly to re-purchase anything in this series unless I use it up, but I like it a lot

perennial favorites (stuff I re-purchase when possible)
* Barbara Bui Le Parfum (will they hurry up and re-issue this?)
* DHC deep cleansing oil
* Queen Helena clay mask
* Shu Uemura lash curler
* Flamingo foldable brow shaver
* Opera MyLash mascara
* DejaVu Fiberwig mascara
* Inoui ID eyebrow automatic pencil (discontinued)
* Inoui ID eyeshadows (discontinued)
* Inoui ID blush duo (discontinued)
* Shiseido Perfecting Lipstick (too expensive though)
* Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited (lipstick) (too expensive though)
* Bloom lip gloss (in the frosted tube)

what was I waiting for?

Geez, why have I been wasting my time on all of these other eyeliners?

It took me years to try Kanebo Kate's Super Sharp Liner, and wow it's great so far! Easy to use, and the brown is perfect for definition while not harsh at all. We'll see how it wears over the day. If it doesn't flake, it'll be great.

I have to try Integrate's liquid pen liner next; that's supposed to be super easy to use also. But I can find Kate at 30% off, so it's a super deal next to Integrate, which is never on sale.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

materialisim: powder foundation mini reviews

Cle de Peau Teint Naturel Poudre (powder foundation) - full coverage, good oil control, good lasting ability, rather matte in finish (at first; it be comes more natural as my skin produces oil). I rather like this foundation, but it's so pricy! I'd rather give Guerlain's Parure Pearly White foundation a try at half the price (online). Still, when money is no object, this is a quality foundation that won't waste your time.

Coffret D'Or Lasting Power Pact UV (powder foundation) - my impression is of a normal foundation. Medium coverage, medium oil control, pretty good lasting ability.

Primavista Powder Foundation Long Keep - light to medium coverage. Pretty natural finish. Normal lasting ability, pretty good oil control. I am just not satisfied with the amount of coverage that this provides, so I won't be continuing to use this.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

tech: multilingual website solutions

This guy has an interesting approach to the problem of maintaining a site in multiple languages.

From "Creating multilingual websites"
There are numerous multilingual websites on the internet, most large multi-national companies have websites available in a few different languages. However, the most of these sites provide links for different languages, following a link takes you to a different document for each language. I found this technique to be quite undesirable due to the problem of maintaining these static documents, a time consuming process with the developers having to synchronise separate copies of the website. Furthermore, considering the dynamic nature of my website, I was loathe to create a static copy just for the purposes of translation. What I needed was a dynamic solution.
- Colin E. - 4th November, 2004.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

tech: xml etc.

Finally properly delving into xml definitions.

Today, finally learned that xmlns referred to namespaces.

Next was XPath.

Last was XSLT.

Monday, June 22, 2009

hair stuff: Fiber Grease

I'm trying out Fiber Grease (the yellow tub) today. Recommended by a friend, it's a water-based wax with mild hold (2 on a scale of 5). By adding water you can re-shape whenever you want.

I tried out the mini size (87 g), although there's apparently a nice 15g trial size (probably only available online) available too. The regular size is 210 g; how long does it take people to go through that?! 87 g already seems like a lot to me.

It smells quite nice, although I haven't noticed the fragrance lingering in my hair. My hair feels good; no stickiness from the wax, unlike with Garnier's wax.

I adored the smell of Garnier, but it was impossible to use on dry hair because it remains sticky.

I'll check how Fiber Grease controls my hair.

The packaging is functional and simple; smooth plastic case in yellow with a retro design on the tub. The series is called Cool Grease, with varying levels of control; but Fiber Grease has the least hold in the series, hence the special name, I suppose. Cool Grease is actually marketted at men, but whatever works! I'd like to try Nakano's spice wax next time; it's got very cute packaging. But Fiber Grease was cheaper and came highly recommended so I started with it.

It's pretty reasonably priced at about 900 yen for 87 g, but only certain drugstores seem to carry the product. I found mine at Ainz Tulpe in Harajuku, but I believe some Tomod's drugstores also carry it.

Update 2009/06/24: Actually, Garnier's soft curl cream is pretty nice too. I'm using it today. Garnier is not available in Japan though, so it's good to have an alternative.

Friday, June 19, 2009

positive thinking

useful stuff on being positive:
This week’s tip for my Living Smarter Not Harder series addresses how we as women talk to and about ourselves. I’ve noticed how comfortable we women are focusing on our perceived shortcomings, belittling our accomplishments, and making self-destructive comments like “I’m such an idiot” or “I’m so disorganized” or “My book will never be a best seller”. At the very least, this way of living is negative; at it’s worst, it prevents us from experiencing our potential.

Our bodies, for example, are our prime targets of sabotage.

Today's thought: My body is my friend.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Sunday, June 14, 2009

tech: installing Joomla! with Japanese support

Joomla! release downloads

Joomla! jp project

for the all-Japanese version of Joomla!: install (linked directly from the Joomla! jp project site)

alternatively, you can:
  • install the regular standard Joomla!: (from Joomla! release downloads)
  • download japanese site and admin functionality:
    • note, the above 2 zips are included in a single jar: but the installation of that was not working for me...
  • then install the 2 zips (from extensions menu)
  • to update the module and plugin names, this sql will have to be executed:
- however, in this case, no more english plugin names + headings! You can't switch back and forth, basically

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Thursday, June 04, 2009


been on a ramen kick lately.

I went to Santouka 山頭火 (which is now available in multiple places in CA!) where I always get the salt ramen. It was good as usual, but not that satisfying. In contrast, I had Nissen cup ramen in a Shiodome 汐留 flavor (Shiodome is an area of Tokyo, where there's apparently a popular ramen shop) that was quite tasty - chicken and pork broth.

I suppose I'm in a tonkotsu mood. Need to go back to that Azabu-juban shop...

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

music: Tweet - Cruisin'

This is an excellent song.

Tweet - Cruisin'

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

lunch plan

Ramen (for a fast meal that I haven't had in ages), and a trip to the Santa Maria Novella (link to Japanese site) shop in Ginza to try out Eva, a perfume that sounds intriguing and perfect for summer.