Wednesday, November 24, 2010

makeup while travelling

Thai for lunch. I love the smell of Thai rice; so fragrant! Some of my Japanese friends don't like the smell of Thai rice; I find that fascinating. People have preferences about the scent of their rice! I can understand, but I don't feel the same.食べ物について、そういうこだわりがない。やわらかい米が好きだけど。。。

Inspired by Fuzkittie's post (!/notes/fuzkittie/pack-rat-not/500922287603), I'm writing about the makeup I pack when travelling.
Because I'm paranoid, and I have plenty of makeup that I don't need but keep around (aka pack rat c'est moi), I tend to take makeup I don't mind losing with me on trips. I try to take stuff that lasts well without retouching.

I like taking Canmake's cream blush with me, as it's compact and lightweight and inexpensive. I've never properly evaluated its lasting power. I also take along a neutral shadow palette - usually some assortment of browns. And I have some shadow trios from the 100 yen shop that have some colorful shades for fun. Sadly the lasting power is not very good, but I bring them just in case I need something fun. I should experiment with an eyeshadow primer; the 100 yen would probably last much better with something like that.

Kate's super sharp liner is a must for me, as I have 2 in use now, and they're so cheap and last so long that I'm actually happy to lose one of them, so that i can test out a new liquid liner! I would also love to lose my MAC penultimate liner, but I find it very difficult to prevent smudging so it's useless for trips.

I bring a semi-permanent lip color; right now it's Revlon Colorstay Sheer Overtime Lipcolor. It's a bit drying, but the sheer color is very easy to use and it works decently. It comes off if I eat anything oily though. Anyway, the packaging is falling apart so this is another product that I'd be happy to lose. The two ends close properly, but the glue that holds the 2 pieces together has loosened so it's more often in 2 pieces than one.

Finally, I take a foundation sample along with me, and a small pot containng a dab of a high-coverage foundation to use as concealer (currently Besame souffle foundation in Bisque, although it's a bit yellow).

So far, I've never lost any makeup. Murphy's law, right?

I also try to bring a trial-sized oil cleanser, as makeup removal towelettes just don't get all the makeup off for me.
Finally, I bring a face wash, facial water, facial lotion, sunscreen, body lotion. If I have samples lying around I'll bring them as they're so handy, although I don't like to try new skin products while travelling.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

sephora gloss, deserving thyme, etc.

I was lucky enough to win a package from The Notice, which included a lovely berry Sephora lip gloss that I'm enjoying in this mid-November weather. I'm also using a Deserving Thyme aromatherapy temple balm; it's a really lovely, relaxing scent! I'm looking forward to trying the other products out.

The Victoria Secret shadows look like they'll need to go on top of a primer; that will take some experimentation.

Update 2010/11/24: the Sephora lip gloss is Bronzed Beauty.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

美禅xChigura Keiko treatment lip glossy

I'm really enjoying the sample of be-zen 美禅xUPxChigura Keiko Treatment Lip Glossy that came with Bea's Up, a Japanese magazine. It has a lavender scent and is a bit thick, but feels moisturizing and is a pretty sparkly, shiny gloss.
However, it lacks SPF so I really shouldn't buy it, but I enjoy the moisturizing feel and the lavender scent. Anyway, I think my sample will last a while, despite the occasional explosions when I don't store it upright.

2012/12/04 Update: I like the scent and the texture, but it irritates my lips slightly which I could do without - it's just not relaxing.

Friday, November 12, 2010

maquillage nail polish

Maquillage nail polish is a workhorse! With a base coat and top coat, it has survived on my toes for a full 2 weeks now! Even my pinky toes. That's absolutely amazing. Good stuff; I should pick up the other colors in the limited edition mini colors.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

almonds for breakfast

It's difficult to chew 30 times though.