Thursday, July 19, 2012

whew, it's been busy!

In frivolous news, my long-lost (8 years or so) order of Nubar polishes was found!  I now have a bounty of pale nail polish colors - so many that I need to give a lot away, as they overlap unecessarily.

I also bought a bright coral mini nail polish from Ettusais's yearly summer LE collection of mini polishes.  The formula is average, but it's a great way to get polishes to satisfy random polish cravings at ridiculously inexpensive prices (252 yen incl. tax).

I need to edit my polish collection again, as it's overflowing my little nail polish makeup tote.

In general, I need to edit my wardrobe too, and clear out the various documents cluttering up my place.  I should invite friends to come over and help me be disciplined.
Time for a belated spring cleaning.  I'll get started tonight.