Monday, December 27, 2010

my Dec. 25th

I did a lot of shopping on my Christmas. The shops were packed! Tokyo does good business in the holiday season.

I also got some gifts and such for my trip home. I bought so much that my arms were a bit sore the next day. Maybe I shouldn't have bought so many gifts, but I thought they were nice and would be useful.

Ah well. I really need to stop stockpiling gifts for friends. I have some stuff I've been hanging on to for a year now; I should just bring it all home and give out to people.

After the hauling, I tried two types of ramen at New Tokyo Ramen Champion. Man that place is out of the way. The ramen was interesting but not spectacular, so I don't know if I'll check out stages 2 and 3. They rotate out shops every month, and I tried the first month's ramen. They make it look so good on TV, but I guess that's TV for you. It's probably more fun with a group. Need to find a ramen club.

Also had cake on Christmas Eve. Lots of whipped cream! Very rich, even though it's light stuff. I miss the more buttery, moist cakes in the U.S., the sponge cake here tends to be too dry for my taste.