Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tracy Chapman

I'm listening to Mutya Buena covering Tracy Chapman's "Fast Car." Great song. The cover is lovely, but I guess I've heard Chapman sing it too often; I crave her deeper voice on it.

How timely! Her new album comes out in mid November, and she's going on tour! Sadly not coming to Japan yet though. Poo. You can listen to her new single "Sing for You," available for download via mp3 at Amazon. I'm listening to it at the moment; it's lovely.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Still here. Just really busy. The weather has cooled down nicely in Tokyo, although it has been rather rainy lately. I've noticed a sweet, nostalgic smell in the air the past few days. It reminds me of Taiwan for some reason. I wonder if it's a local plant.

Anyway, a picture from August: the parking lot of a shopping area/condo complex in a suburb of Beijing.