Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lily Allen - 22

Lily Allen really is fantastic. I love the lyrics in 22.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and the Social Control of Mothers

Interesting information in Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and the Social Control of Mothers.

I'm rather shocked that "It turns out that only about 5% of alcoholic women give birth to babies who are later diagnosed with FAS."

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sunday, February 14, 2010

used up one thing, purchased another

I recently finally used up a Revlon Superlustrous lip gloss in Coffee Gleam. Lovely color - medium pigmentation - and gloss. A medium vanilla scent - can be a bit annoying for me. Rather on the sticky side. For a basic, pretty gloss, these are excellent value, but I like my gloss to be a bit less sticky and unscented. At least these don't taste bad.

I picked up a Canmake cream cheek in 05 - an apricot peach color - for 609 yen. Nice and inexpensive; the tester seemed reasonably pigmented and easy to blend. I picked 05 because it was a nice medium orange and seemed the least popular of all the colors - they'll probably discontinue it first and I'll have plenty of opportunity to try the other colors later. I justified this purchase because it is the first cream blush in my stash, and will be easy to use on the go. The packaging is quite light and seems quite functional.

I am also almost done with my Rose Birthday soft scrub (body exfoliator) and picked up Sana Esteny Salt Wash in spicy grapefruit thanks to Lotus Palace's review. I'm looking forward to trying it.

Also thanks to Lotus Palace's influence, I picked up Rohto Lycée Eye Wash and tried it out today. So far it feels nice and refreshing. It's funny: the packaging shows a girl complaining that even though she removes her makeup traces of it are making part of her eye black.

Still have a few face masks to use up, and I'm still working through some clay masks that I've had for years now! I think it's about time to throw out my shaving cream though - it's probably gone bad as it doesn't have any preservatives.

Side note - I love my hair dresser. She's the only one who's honest enough to tell me that my spoken Japanese hasn't improved much in the time that she's known me. She's totally right about it; my Japanese does sound a bit strange, even to me. Gotta babble more.