Thursday, December 11, 2014

Watsons Green Tea moist towelettes

Smell amazing!  Buy them if you see them (China, Taiwan...)!  I bought a bunch but since I don't have a Watsons locally, I have a bad habit of hoarding them...

Disclaimer: I adore tea scents.  Black tea, green tea, white tea, etc.

Kuumba International Green Tea Incense

The green tea incense by Kuumba International (A division of Traveling Book Nook) smells amazing in the stick, but when burning it's not quite as nice.  Such a pity.
I like the Aomori Hiba Incense 青森ひば線香 much better, and it's a much better value (you can also find it on Amazon).

Monday, December 08, 2014

Steam Cream

Steam Cream has a light, lovely texture that seems to absorb well, and I enjoy the lavender scent.
I'm not sure it's worth 1600 yen though - it's lovely to receive as a gift but I'm not sure it's affordable as a body cream that I'd purchase for myself.  This was a gift from a lovely friend.

Friday, December 05, 2014

Revlon Colorburst Balm Stain - Crush

Have to say, I really enjoy the minty scent to these Balm Stains, and Crush is a lovely wine color on me!  It's definitely a bit more flattering than Rendezvous - which is a fun bright orange.

Next, I want Romantic.  Probably a more sensible formula for me than the Colorstay Moisture Stains which require a little more care to apply.  Anyway, I'll wear this for a while and see.  I am supposed to be on a no-buy...

Update: okay, so Crush leans a bit too purple-y for my taste - it's more of a bright color than a refined wine.  Still, I enjoy the minty formula, so I'll probably give Romantic and maybe Adore a try?  I have a feeling Adore will be too strong for me, and since I already have a lot of good reds, I should lay off it.  I do like brick red colors though!

No-buy?  What no-buy? *shifty eyes*

Thursday, December 04, 2014

On a no-buy

Until I actually use up this stuff!

After moving, I bought a sunscreen and a few Revlon Balm sticks and an orange nail polish (inspired by the stylish Chinese lady on the flight).  But now I've settled down and I've been shopping in my stash and haven't made a dent on anything!

So, while perfume is still open to discussion, and some skin care purchases are on the horizon once I use up some of my current stash, cosmetic purchases are (mostly) banned.  That said, Grocery Outlet tests my will on a daily basis, and I have some CVS dollars that expire this month.

So we shall see...  I am eyeing those Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stains.