Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bakery Komorebi パン屋 komorebi

Nishi Eifuku 西永福 Bakery Komorebi パン屋 komorebi is really good!

Try the hearty, tasty breads in this cute little bakery a minute or two from Nishi Eifuku station on the Keio Inokashira line.
They're so good. I've been there twice and tried 10 things now; not a single miss!
I especially like the corn and potato bread. Soft and chewy with sweet corn and soft potato. The tuna sandwich is a winner too, with two slices of crusty bread and topped with tomato and cheese.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

mini review: Addiction lipstick in Day Trip

I'll post swatches and pictures later, but first, a quick summary of my impressions so far.

Thanks to the enabling of, I picked up this pink-beige cream lipstick at Addiction last weekend. I've been wearing it for a few days now. So far, I find the pigmentation to be good - I would say characterize it as medium. There is a nice shine, but it's not the shiniest lipstick ever, and no noticeable shimmer or sparkle. A very wearable color that lightens my natural lip color but doesn't wash me out. Wear seems to be decent but it's the type of color where fading is not very obvious. It's not moisturizing nor particularly drying, but it's comfortable if I wear a lip balm underneath.

2800 yen plus tax.

I will only repurchase if I can't find a less expensive duplicate, as the color is perfect for me, but the formula doesn't seem particularly unique.

The packaging is a chic, shiny black plastic that seems sturdy, but picks up fingerprints super easily. It's functional.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

some long-term lemmings

For whatever reason (it's fall?) I am in the mood to shop recently (since yesterday).
Perhaps checking out the final +J collection at Uniqlo last night was a bad idea.

I found two nice work skirts for 1300 yen each though, so I'm quite happy. Fortunately, none of the coats quite fit me, so I escaped from the clutches of the new collection quite unscathed. The XL coats are a bit too big, but the sleeves are not long enough.
They have lovely large cashmere scarves (mufflers) limited to the Ginza Uniqlo shop, but they're 14,000 yen or something and I wasn't prepared to spend that much on a scarf.

Some cosmetics lemmings of mine:

Shiseido Shimmering Eye Color: So pretty! I want the gunmetal, the purple, and the medium blue, but the light pink and the beige are probably much more practical colors for me. But the deeper colors are just lovely so it's difficult to be practical. With the weak yen, I'm tempted to buy abroad.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

mini-review: Brow Lash Ex LashSculpture in Black

Brow Lash Ex LashSculpture in Black mascara is made by B&C Laboratories in Japan.

To summarize, I'm not a fan of this mascara.
The brush deposits the product in gobs and doesn't help separate lashes.
Formula-wise, it's quite good for adding volume, but I feel that it flakes a bit after a long day. It maintains curl decently, but not spectacularly.
This is probably a good mascara for people who want volume and don't mind using a lash comb to brush out the clumps.

Monday, September 05, 2011


I find that it's useful to read my writing aloud in order to check that it is clear and makes sense.

a good weekend

I ran twice, cooked twice, cleaned the house, got some laundry done, and even got a smidgen of studying done!

I tried Chinese Beef, Egg and Tomato; my first try turned out pretty well and I'm optimistic that more practice will make it quite tasty. I used Japanese beef (和牛) - it's hard to overcook this kind of beef! It was delicious. The pack had a little black sticker "Tested for radiation" (放射能検査済 or something like that) labelled by the grocery store..

I tried making dumplings Sunday, but I was a bit lazy about following a recipe, and I bought chives instead of green onions. Still, perfectly edible.

Can't wait for the weekend, hehe.