Wednesday, August 31, 2011

makeup review: MAC Beauty Powder in Softdew

Clearly this post calls for a picture, but I'll have to add it later.
(edit: picture added)
MAC Beauty Powder in Softdew is an unassuming blush that doesn't show up at all if I swatch it on my arm, but shows up as a nice, subtle blush on my cheeks. I can layer for more definition, or apply lightly for a bit of polish. It doesn't really add much visible color, but nor is it really a contour.
Great no-brainer - I can dash it on and not worry too much about blending or overdoing it.

If I ever use this massive thing up, I'll probably repurchase, but I've hardly made a dent in it over a year, so I think it's unlikely that I'll ever need to buy a second one.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

the first day!

The first day of a new beginning.

Off to bed early. Tomorrow is the first day of the Haskell study group. Should be fun, but I may need some coffee.

It's a vivid pink and a bit too pigmented for me because it's so vivid. Still, a lovely color for summer, don't you think? It's moderately sticky and rather comfortable to wear.

I leave you with some swatches of banila co Banila Kiss in Raspberry. The lip swatch is rather sheered out.

need more pictures

Sorry that the blog has been pretty text-based lately. When things calm down a bit I'll post some cosmetic eye-candy.

By the way, Missha BB creams definitely irritate my skin a bit. They make it a bit itchy. I use oil cleansing and follow up with a toner (拭取る) but the irritation remains.

Angie, would you like to try it? It's a tube so it's quite sanitary. As a BB cream it seems average - not bad but not spectacular. Oil control is weak-to-average for me. Coverage is light-medium.

quick intro to junit 4

I'm new to JUnit, but this article is concise with clear examples:

Sunday, August 14, 2011

some java basics

It's another hot, hot day in Tokyo.
Days like this make me realize how important it is to live in a place that has good air circulation (i.e. wind flow 風当たり). Of course, that's often difficult when buildings are built close together, meaning that convenient places tend to have less of a breeze.

Anyway, I came across some good articles clarifying some Java fundamentals. The basics are not necessarily simple.

Java is Pass-by-Value!
Specifically, Java passes object references by value.
* The above article includes a reference to an article explaining C++ Reference Variables, a good explanation of the general concept of reference variables.

Exploring Java: Threads

* What is a daemon thread? When should I use setDaemon() and why?
Use thread.setDaemon(true) to tell the JVM to make the thread a daemon thread.

According to Webster's, a daemon (variant of demon) is an attendant power or spirit. Daemon threads are typically used to perform services for your application/applet (such as loading the "fiddley bits"). The core difference between user threads and daemon threads is that the JVM will only shut down a program when all user threads have terminated. Daemon threads are terminated by the JVM when there are no longer any user threads running, including the main thread of execution. Use daemons as the minions they are.

[In short: daemon threads do not keep the program from quitting; user threads keep the program from quitting. -Alex]

Synchronized block vs. method:
The only real difference is that a synchronized block can choose which object it synchronizes on. A synchronized method can only use 'this' (or the corresponding Class instance for a synchronized class method).

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

large shoe sizes for ladies in Tokyo

The shoes are not cheap here; expect to pay more than 10,000 (sorry, accidentally wrote 100,000 which is incorrect, thanks lostinube!) on average. But they do have occasional sales.

Ginza Washington
They have a shop specializing in large sizes in Ginza also. Similarly priced to Queen's 卑弥呼, but perhaps a bit better quality.

In addition, 0101 department store (Marui) has a 01 MODEL floor on the 7th floor of the main building specializing in large shoe sizes for ladies. 新宿マルイ本館

a moment of silence

Nagasaki was bombed Aug. 9, 1945 11:02 am.