Friday, March 10, 2017

Laneige Good Night Kit (trial size) on Clearance at Target

I went to pick up a few of the Laneige Good Night Kits (trial size) at Target as they're only available in stores although you can see them online. Although they're listed as $5 on the website, they rang up as $1.50 and the cashier remarked that they were on clearance.

Even at $5 it's a great way to try out the well regarded Water Sleeping Mask, and at $1.50 it's a steal! I'm not supposed to be buying more skincare but at this price, I might pick up a few more as gifts. Target says that my store is now out of stock though, which is odd since there were a lot in stock when I picked them up. I did tell the cashier to try them; maybe she spread the word.