Monday, September 24, 2007

japanese confectionary site

Is this not the most gorgeous website? The individual winter desserts are particularly charming. I also like Tatamize.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

kamome shokudo

This Japanese movie from 2005 looks pretty interesting. Hey, it's hard to go wrong with food. I also want to see Super Size Me some time.

fried bacon

You know, I haven't had properly crispy bacon in years! Want some, now. Anywhoo, there's a funny post about frying bacon in order to serve large quantities of people. I like the note about eggs.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

housing and new neighbors

Well, I'm a bit bummed out by how much moving into a new place costs. The upfront costs are really high, depending on realtor fees, etc.

One condo had a long list of fees including changing of the locks, house cleaning + carpet shampooing (or floor waxing), insurance for household belongings (that makes sense, actually), and a handling fee of 1 months rent (I don't understand the kanji so I can't tell you what it's for).

However, I was pleasantly surprised to get a new neighbor gift from the guy who moved in next door. He rang the doorbell and said he'd just moved in and did a formal little spiel about the possibility that he might be noisy at night but hopes we'll get along. The speech doesn't translate well at all into English. And he gave me two nicely wrapped boxes containing wash towels, a token gift that is popular here (construction companies and such like to give them away from what I can tell). In retrospect, I ought to have introduced myself this way when I first moved into my apt. building.