Friday, August 27, 2004

car storage

hrm... gotta fix the links here.

I find it interesting that exactly 1 SF company provides flat estimates regarding auto storage on their website. Everyone else asks that you email them to request one. Makes me think that the other companies are not competitive about their rates.
Oh well, email is cheap, I will email them all. Not sure what other alternatives in car storage exist.

Google is not giving me good search results either. Just lots of crappy moving sites with "links to many storage companies." Contentless links. Will try teoma and other search engines.

Thursday, August 12, 2004


Insane! Inoue Takehiko's site has a special Slam Dunk site where fans can input a short message and select 1 of 27 avatars. At the end, you see a stadium filled with fans, and when the mouse pointer goes over an avatar, the person's message appears. 8000 messages so far. 105 messages today, including mine.


That is a cool website.

I wish I could save the flash movie.

I also missed the newspaper ads. Apparently 6 different ads in 6 different newspapers, all on the 10th. Almost wish I read the newspaper.

Unfortunately, they can't support the traffic to the site, so there's this message in Japanese warning of delays. I think there's so much traffic that I can't see Sakuragi's picture. A pity.

Ah, Inoue's a genius.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

more words, eclipse

I'm reading Japanese documentation at the moment so I'm learning many new words.

New words:
記述: description
用意: prepare
なんらかの/何等かの/何らかの: some

When it's all working, Eclipse with the Tomcat plugin is a great development environment for Jakarta Struts. Thanks Sysdeo! French companies are great, aren't they?

It was annoying of the Oracle Installer to go and add its JRE to my Path environment variable. I had to take it out so that Eclipse would work properly.

calling computers, new vocab

Investigating pc to phone options like and Dialpad has pretty inexpensive monthly rates, and the prepaid rates are the same as Net2pad. So I'm going to try out Dialpad and see how that is. It'd be more convenient to be able to call from my cell phone, but in that situation my parents can always call me back. Heh. If my home connection proves too flaky, I'll think about getting a land line. It might be better to just test what's wrong with my friend's connection and fix that. Laf. I haven't been able to use his wireless network in months.

New words:
記述する to describe
異なる to differ ; be different

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

feels like boston

Whew! Rainy and windy! It's like Boston showers, but not quite as strong. All wet now though. We got caught at lunch without umbrellas, but the cafe was nice enough to lend us 4.

I need some waterproof shoes.

Monday, August 09, 2004

spitkickers, java conventions

I saw a guy wearing a shirt saying "Spitkicker." Intriguing word.

Read some code conventions for java, finally.

Friday, August 06, 2004


Seen on colleague's business card:
Head Quoter

Intended meaning: