Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Snow in Tokyo

It's really pretty, but I don't really feel like venturing out.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Stop tempting me with these blushes

As if I needed another cream blush lemming, Maybelline has released Jelly Glow, a bouncy cream cheek product, to the Japanese market.  The 8 color lineup includes 2 limited edition duo colors S01 Pink Sherbet and S02 Honey Peach.  The pink duo is rather too cool for me, but the pink and orange combination of Honey Peach is very tempting.  The testers are completely exposed to air and haven't dried up so I'm guessing the product doesn't dry out too quickly.  At JPY 630, it's comparable to Canmake's cream cheeks.  I'll need to go and swatch them to test out the colors properly.  So far it seems like it's easy to pick up product but pigmentation is light to medium.

If I'm honest with myself, I don't need yet another pink/orange blush, so I should pass on these.  But two easy-to-use colors in one!

Champagne waffles

The opening to this recipe/blog post made me laugh:
I heard someone asking around on twitter for recipes that use leftover champagne. Which got me thinking: what the hell is leftover champagne? If you don’t got enough party in you to polish off a bottle of champagne, you don’t got enough party.
I'm afraid to add this blog to my reader list, because it'll just make me crave things that are difficult to make in Japan.  But it looks super entertaining.

Did you know that Biscoff are known as Lotus biscuits in Europe?  Biscoff seems to be a name created for the North American market.