Wednesday, July 14, 2004

visit from relatives

2 weeks ago, my father came with his brother's family to visit for a few days. It was fun hanging out with all of them. I've never spent much time with my uncle's family, as I've only seen them at big family gatherings where I stick close to my parents or hang out with my cousin Sean.

My 2 young cousins are quite entertaining to talk to. They asked interesting questions about Japan. I like them a lot. The older one spent a lot of time on his gameboy. They really like Gundam models too.

They treated me to a day at Atami, a famous hot spring resort about an hour by bullet train from Tokyo. After going with my dad to get him lunch (while I munched on the classic beer snack, squid innards), we lounged around the hotel and went for occasional soaks in the baths. I really like the soapy scrub they have at onsens. Unfortunately, it's about $30 for a medium sized package of the scrub, which I find a little excessive. It's basically abrasive soap.

As is traditional, my dad pestered me to cut my hair really short (been there, done that), and I bothered him about his 20 year old clothing, and tried to buy him sporty shirts from Uniqlo. He refused though, as did I. Laf. Nothing changes. We also got into arguments trying to force each other to finish the food. Apparently my dad was starving for most of the trip. He eats a lot I suppose.


Anonymous said...

It's funny, I found myself starving for most of the time after I came back from the States. Americans eat a lot, which is no surprise.

BTW: boo for blogger to require a log in. Capitalism always forces the customer to take sides. Want to comment? Choose one: Blogger, LiveJournal, etc. etc. Why can't we just comment instead of labeling ourselves the mysterious "anonymous" commenter? Why try to make money off of everything? Do I want a free world with free email and blogging and news feeds? yes. Am I a communist? yes.

Wow, this comment was more deep than what I intended. Too much coffee this morning.

Crab this weekend! woohoo! I'm excited.


kuri said...

Yeah, this logging in stuff sucks. I noticed mediaminer doesn't force you to log in.

I didn't have much patience with my dad's complaint about food because he could have just eaten more. Sure, he'd have spent more, but at least he wouldn't be starving.

By the way, I went to Mon with my dad for dinner. Did you know they have really great handmade udon? It was yummy, although pricy.