Monday, September 13, 2004

$100 ramen

The search has ended! Ludicrously decadant ramen can be found in Nagoya! (See the last shop on the page)

Whether it actually tastes good is another question.

But it's got everything. Steak instead of the standard sliced pork. Caviar. Four kinds of crab make up the soup base, along with the standard tonkotsu (pork bone). Laf. All in a standard-sized ramen bowl.


Berta said...

Hi Clare! Has nothing to do with ramen, but I finally found the correct URL to your blog. I was getting the old one for awhile, and wondering why you hadn't updated. Anyways, finally added you to my little list of blogs. Hope you are well (well, you should be, with ludicrously decadent and affordable ramen in Nagoya).

kuri said...

Hi Berta!

Ah, sorry about the links getting out of date. I really ought to have updated all the pages, but I've been a bit lazy lately. :P I'll change that front link soon.