Thursday, September 30, 2004

My dear is a foreigner

"ダーリンは外人" is the title of a comic book apparently in print. I saw an ad for it on the train. It looked kind of cute. It's about a Japanese woman married to a foreign man. The comic strip they showed said, "Even though he knows extremely difficult Japanese words...", "sometimes he doesn't know what the simplest words mean." The husband asks the wife, "What's ----- mean?" I don't know what the word means either. The wife starts laughing, "What is ------?!?!?" The husband says, "Oh, of course, it's THAT." He sweats as he has no idea what it means. The wife thinks, "what is he talking about? it's THAT?"

The comic looks quite funny and easy for me to understand. I shall have to go buy it. Haha, maybe I should go ask the help desk to help me find it. They'll probably look at me funny when I state the title.


Evelyn said...

a new bookstore - sanseido opened in edgewater, NJ in place of the old kinokuniya. they had lower book prices, and 10% off for first weekend, i saw the book randomly on display, so i bought it. i think it's still a little bit hard to read, but some of the stuff is funny. i actually wanted to buy some other manga, but they didn't have it... i did register to vote =)
and my parents are also planning to sell their house too, a lot of their friends have already sold their houses and moved to smaller apartments ... i guess this is part of the unavoidable empty-nest-er's to-do list?

kuri said...

I'm glad parts are funny. Sanseido seems to be the same price here, but they do give book covers. There's one in 下北沢。

Yeah, my aunt and uncle did the same thing - got a smaller house. And my mom's selling our house. I think she stresses too much about it though.