Thursday, March 24, 2005

commuters vs. pre-schoolers

This morning I was waiting for my usual train to arrive on track 4.

A large group of pre-schoolers and their handlers lined up on the other side of the platform, by track 3, where a Keio New Line train was waiting. They were grouped by hats - the first group wore blue, the second wore pink, etc., and were lined up two by two. Unbeknownst to them, the 9:35 Keio Regular train would arrive soon at track 4. When it arrives, masses of commuters rush across the platform over to track 3 and board the Keio New Line train which heads into the bowels of Tokyo (the center really).

So, the kids and their handlers were happily lined up by the track 3 train, blocking the entrances to the trains, when the invasion arrived at 9:35. All these harried commuters rush over to track 3 and all the kids and handlers flee in fear! It was really funny. They really ran away (as best they could, as there wasn't exactly space to move to)! And all the commuters aren't exactly going to run over the little kids, so they were pretty puzzled too. I wish I could have filmed it.


Evelyn said...

hey clare - this description is just so funny, i was laughing trying to picture the kids with fearful eyes running away in my head =)

kuri said...

I guess the handlers were really worried too. It was pretty funny though. Funny because no one was hurt, of course. I guess it could have been a problem if people weren't awake enough to notice the kids.