Monday, August 29, 2005

bunny suicides and world conquerers

Courtesy of katiedid, I have found the coolest cartoons! May be off-color at times, but the placid-faced bunny contriving all sorts of suicides is rather funny. Ok, morbid, but it's quite an engineer of a little bunny or two (with infinite lives). The picture that katiedid features is my favorite.

At the hosting site there is the cutest picture of a puppy. My Spanish is pretty poor but I think the poster titled the picture, "Conquerer of the World."


katiedid said...

Yup, pretty close. Quite literally it is "I am going to conquer the world." A slight connotation for conquer as "take over" in that context, I believe.

The tremendously obese kitty cat kind of scares me, though. Poor thing.

kuri said...

Ooh, I guess my history classes were fairly useful then. I never took Spanish lessons.

Yes, that obese kitty was wild. It seems fairly happy though. Although disgruntled about posing.