Friday, November 25, 2005

the web is my grammar checker

When I want to check the grammatical usage of a Japanese verb or phrase, I first check the dictionary on my computer (ddwin is great). If there aren't any appropriate examples, I enter my phrase into a search engine and see if there are any results. If I get a lot of examples, I assume that the usage is correct. If I don't get any results, I try other permutations to see what people actually write.

It's kind of amusing what you can use the WWW for.

My first paragraph reads like a really boring set of if-then statements. I was just trying to be clear...

Second attempt to say the same thing as the first paragraph:
To check that I am using a verb with the proper particles or articles, I search for my usage, to see if Japanese websites display the same pattern. I'm going on the assumption that the more pages there are that use the pattern, the more accurate the grammar is likely to be. Of course, there is a margin of error, since not everything on the web is accurate. But it assures me that my grammar is at least not wildly inaccurate. (Double negative!)

I give up. Maybe I can write clearly tomorrow.

Korean bbq on Sunday! 期待しています。

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