Thursday, June 25, 2009

materialisim: powder foundation mini reviews

Cle de Peau Teint Naturel Poudre (powder foundation) - full coverage, good oil control, good lasting ability, rather matte in finish (at first; it be comes more natural as my skin produces oil). I rather like this foundation, but it's so pricy! I'd rather give Guerlain's Parure Pearly White foundation a try at half the price (online). Still, when money is no object, this is a quality foundation that won't waste your time.

Coffret D'Or Lasting Power Pact UV (powder foundation) - my impression is of a normal foundation. Medium coverage, medium oil control, pretty good lasting ability.

Primavista Powder Foundation Long Keep - light to medium coverage. Pretty natural finish. Normal lasting ability, pretty good oil control. I am just not satisfied with the amount of coverage that this provides, so I won't be continuing to use this.

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