Tuesday, July 21, 2009

some Majolica Majorca, Kate, Lavshuca products to be discontinued

Majolica Majorca Cheek Customize OR322(コーラルピンク), Kate Deep Trap Eyes GY-1, all of Kate Dual Caret, and all of the Lavshuca 3 color palettes will be discontinued when the new collections come out.

I've been meaning to pick up Kate Deep Trap Eyes in GY-1 so I'll try to do it today before they take it away for the new display. I only recently picked up Cheek Customize in Red and have yet to try it, but all of the reviews describe OR322 as a nicely pigmented orange, so I'll have to get one also.
I'm also considering Dual Caret in PU-1, as the dark shade is a pretty blue-purple and it is sparkly but still wearable for work. It's not a must-have though, so perhaps I should refrain.

At times like this Daikoku drugstore in Shimokitazawa is great because all Kate products are always 30% off.

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