Tuesday, August 04, 2009


In an effort to be healthier, I bought a bag of fresh tomatoes into work. Two for breakfast today, and more for snacking or tomorrow's breakfast. I meant to buy some yogurt but haven't made it to the convenience store yet.

If I ever move back to the U.S. it'll take a while to get used to the inconveniences like no healthy foods in the convenience stores...


Berta said...

ha ha, I know what you mean! Relatively recently (within the past year or two?) our 7-11's offer fresh fruit plates and salads.

Stuck inside today due to a typhoon, but tried Harumi Kurihara's salad with sesame-tofu dressing. Tasty, very easy, and healthy! (And we at last used up a head of lettuce that's been sitting a bit too long in our fridge.)

kuri said...

hee. they're so convenient! I've been eating the little fresh kiwi cups lately; I'm just too lazy but it's an easy way to be healthier.

Ooh, sesame tofu sounds yum. Katsudon and udon are awaiting me tonight, but maybe I'll try the salad tomorrow.