Sunday, January 23, 2011

not smudgeproof: Max Factor's waterproof Volume Couture mascara

Sadly, Max Factor's waterproof Volume Couture mascara smudges on me. I love the brush, so I'll be checking out other mascaras that use the same brush. Maybe it's time to try out Shiseido's famous mascara primer to see if it can turn this mascara smudge-proof :)

Beauty blogs are such a bad influence on me; I bought so much stuff on my trip home this year. Although most of it was bath products, so I guess I wasn't too bad in that respect. And Nordstrom and Sephora's sample policies are so cool! I'm testing out Cartier's Eau D'Orange now. Next I have Delices de Cartier and Kenzo Amour Indian Holli to try.
I'm going to focus all my shopping at those stores from now on. It's just so convenient! Also, the salespeople at Nordstrom were really nice.


Angiest said...

Have you tried Fiberwig extra long by dejavu(imiu)?
It's my favorite mascara. I've fallen in love since I met it. I was having an affair with LANKOME Virtuose sometimes. Eventually, I go back to Fiberwig. If you haven't met destined mascara yet, you should try it. it's easy to use, and eyelashes get longer and keep all day long. It's also easy to wash off.

kuri said...

Thanks! I've tried it, but I'm not faithful to any mascara :) It is a very good mascara.
I want to try all the different ones out there first though, haha. I really like the Max Factor mascara wand style as I don't get any clumping.