Saturday, March 12, 2011


Hoping that everyone is safe tonight. Hoping that people get help as soon as possible. A lot of elderly people affected.

Tokyo Gaijins posted a useful message:
Hi everyone,
Hope you, your family and friends are safe!
In times of a disaster like this, a lot of people will need our help and assistance...
Here are some important things to do to help...
- Help ourselves! Don't be a victim, avoid traveling, stay in a safe place. We cannot help if we are the one who may need help! Let the authorities deal with the primary objectives. Help those who are need of help.
- Store enough food and water for at least 3 days. Make sure you have survival/emergency kit (flashlights, warm blanket, first-aid kit, communication, etc.). More aftershocks coming so brace :(
- Avoid making unnecessary phone calls. Let those who are in an emergency use the phone lines.
- Limit use of electricity. Avoid using gas.
- Please follow the news!
- If you have unwanted clothes/stuff, put them in a box. A lot of people will definitely need them. I will send information later where you can drop them.

Take care!

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