Sunday, July 31, 2011

what I need is some accountability

Inspired by this blog, I thought that one way to keep me working on my personal programming project would to have some visible external record of my progress or lack thereof.

This week, I started fleshing out the design of my HappyTrack mood tracking program.

I went off on 2 tangents:
* unit testing:
* Localization/internationalization
I'd like the app to support multiple languages in a relatively flexible, intelligent manner.

Once my program is reasonably usable, I'd like to play with Scala. As most of my experience lies with Java, Scala seems like a natural area to branch into.

However, next month I also start learning Haskell in earnest! I hope I can make faster progress with HappyTrack soon.

Expect another report in a week at the latest.

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