Tuesday, August 23, 2011

need more pictures

Sorry that the blog has been pretty text-based lately. When things calm down a bit I'll post some cosmetic eye-candy.

By the way, Missha BB creams definitely irritate my skin a bit. They make it a bit itchy. I use oil cleansing and follow up with a toner (拭取る) but the irritation remains.

Angie, would you like to try it? It's a tube so it's quite sanitary. As a BB cream it seems average - not bad but not spectacular. Oil control is weak-to-average for me. Coverage is light-medium.


Angiest said...

I've tried some Missha BB creams, almost all of them except for a shiny type. But I haven't met a perfect BBcream yet. I used to COVERMARK ESSENCE FOUNDATION. It's not a BBcream, SPF is not enough(SPF18, PA++) . But I like its rich texture and coverage. I might use it again for a while when summer is over. And I'll use BBcream sometimes for a change. I hope you can find your best BB cream.

kuri said...

ah, covermark! That sounds nice.

There's a 肌ラボ bb cream that I want to try, but we'll see. I got a few trial sizes of Freshel BB cream, and I still have a few others to try.

I went back to powder foundation for the summer - my skin gets too oily with bb cream!

Julia said...

Missha's Perfect Cover BB Cream also irritates my skin. >.< Which is a shame as #13 was the first foundation-like thing pale enough for me. ;___;

Powder foundation is nice for summer, I guess. :)

Haha, sorry for the sudden comment, found you in someone's blogroll and since I lived in Japan, too, for a while, though I'd take a look!

kuri said...

yeah, powder foundation is good for summer.

sudden comments always welcome!
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