Monday, September 05, 2011

a good weekend

I ran twice, cooked twice, cleaned the house, got some laundry done, and even got a smidgen of studying done!

I tried Chinese Beef, Egg and Tomato; my first try turned out pretty well and I'm optimistic that more practice will make it quite tasty. I used Japanese beef (和牛) - it's hard to overcook this kind of beef! It was delicious. The pack had a little black sticker "Tested for radiation" (放射能検査済 or something like that) labelled by the grocery store..

I tried making dumplings Sunday, but I was a bit lazy about following a recipe, and I bought chives instead of green onions. Still, perfectly edible.

Can't wait for the weekend, hehe.


Angiest said...

Great! That's my ideal weekend. I'll try to cook Chinese Beef, Egg and Tomato someday. What kind of dumplings did you make? I like boiled dumplings. When I make boiled dumplings, I make it from scratch because I like the sticky texture of handmade dough. :)

kuri said...

Hi Angie! I just made pork and chive dumplings.
I need to try again, but it was a bit more work than I wanted to fold the dumplings :P
You are dedicated! I am too lazy to make handmade dough for now; the pre-made kind is good enough for me. What kind of boiled dumplings do you make?

Angiest said...

My favorite ingredients are pork, green onion and 白菜の浅漬け(drain off the water). 白菜の浅漬け is salty, their combination is perfect!!
I like pork and chive, too. It's basic of dumplings.

kuri said...

ooh, i'll have to try 白菜の浅漬け