Monday, February 13, 2012

Some updates

Downgraded: Sephora Liner Metallic: it's not that smooth to apply, and doesn't last very long on my lower lashline. I can't wear it on my upper lashline as it creases after an hour or so. Setting with powder doesn't help at all. Can't wait till I use this up, but it'll be a while at this rate!

I've also given up on my MAC paintpot - it's too dry to apply smoothly and it's too frosty to use as anything other than a sheer base. Maybe I can use it on the lower lashline?

Dain at ArsAromatica recommends Suqqu and Addiction; I'm now really tempted to check them out, although I should cut my stash in half first.

I had the chance to test some Jo Malone fragrances at Mitsukoshi.
Jo Malone Vintage Gardenia - not bad, not bad at all. A soft gardenia - wears quite close to the skin; I don't get much sillage from this. 1 hour 1/2 so far.

Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia is apparently the most popular fragrance in Japan (or at least Ginza Mitsukoshi and I can see why; a very pretty fruity floral. Decent sillage. I like it.

I must say that I'm loving Shu Uemura red:juvenus enriched lotion (a softener). It smells fantastic and my skin absorbs it well. However, the price is hard to justify, so I don't know if I'll repurchase when my travel size runs out. I do enjoy using it though, so we'll see.

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