Friday, February 03, 2012

Yves Saint Laurent Golden Gloss #2 Golden Praline

I've probably mentioned this gloss before, but after several years I've come to a new appreciation for this lovely, dependable gloss. The color #2 Golden Praline is a lovely, moderately pigmented, delightfully easy to wear color. The formula is moderately thick and wears comfortably in this dry and cold weather. I've discovered that I like thicker glosses in the winter - it just feels comfortable.

For understated elegance, this is my gloss of choice - the color is flattering but subtle, and the gold flecks add a touch of luxury but not over-the-top bling.

I really like the light fragrance - every time I apply it I'm happy. My tube has lasted several years without going bad - I'm discovering that that's the distinguishing factor for high quality products - they last longer.

I will always want one of these in my stash, and I may need to repurchase this color rather than branch out into a light brown or orange - this one is just really easy and flattering.

If buying this gloss in Japan, buy it at the duty-free shops in the airports - it's about 2600 yen there, compared to 3000 yen domestically. Better yet, buy it abroad!

I'm addicted to this song right now:

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