Monday, November 05, 2012

This was supposed to be my last Glossybox, after two mediocre previous ones! But they've thrown me a loop with a box that is definitely worth the Japanese subscription price.
This month's box includes a full Zoya nail polish in a slate greyish-blue, a sedate enough color for work. This is my first Zoya polish so I'm quite happy about it, especially as Zoya is about 1400yen in Japan (a rather kinder markup than OPI, which is like !). The other happy surprise was Kanebo Impress brightener, that Paris has rated quite highly. So I'm looking forward to trying this generous sample (much more generous than the single sachet from Doctor Line). There were also 3 packets of primer and 3 packets of Dewy Foundation from ADDICTION, which was a pleasant surprise but not so exciting for me personally, since I find it sinks a bit into the pores of my slightly dry skin. The Kaotsubo and Valle de Roses samples were rather less exciting, but I will try them out.

However, looking at the Glossybox website, I see that some people got Jurlique this month! I want a Jurlique sample :P

Anyhoo, my experience these 3 months has been so-so. I liked some of the products - I'm still using the Sranrom hand cream - but overall the sample sizes have been pretty underwhelming considering the price of the Glossybox. For example, I liked my experience with Doctor Line's Enzyme Cleansing Water, but with only one sachet, it's really hard to justify a purchase of the full sized product. For a new brand at a moderate price point, I think they should be more generous with their samples, but I suppose that increases the burn rate of the company.

So, should I continue? Should I stop? It's rather fun getting a random selection each month, but I can't help feeling that I should save my money and buy the products that I actually want. I keep eying the lavender sample set from LEAF&BOTANICS (リーフアンドボタニクス), but I'm not allowed to buy it until I use up all of my current skin care samples.

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