Friday, May 20, 2005

vaio parts

I replaced my ac adapter for my pc, and got a new battery. Apparently all the recent power issues were solely the ac adapter breaking down. My coworker told me that the Sony timer is 3 years long. So another year and a half before my pc's time may be up.

Laf, what a reputation Sony has.

The adapter was about $130, and the battery was about $270. Ouch! Company will cover it actually though, which is very cool. Anyhoo, anything for a reliable computer. I was stressing out about it before. I would have replaced the stuff earlier, but without replacement parts it's hard to narrow down the source of the problem. Yesterday I borrowed the parts from a guy on the same project, which is how I figured out that the problem was the adapter.

On a side note, I was in a huge rush to buy the parts this morning before work. And going to the PC parts section of Yodobashi camera, I told a salesguy that I was looking for an AC adapter. I was annoyed to be asked if it was for computers. Dude, why would I come to the PC parts section for anything else? But I guess they can't assume anything. They probably sell all sorts of adapters. Still, why aren't the PC parts kept in the PC parts floor? Weirdos. j/k.


Evelyn said...

hey clare - so your vaio is all back in working order? my fujitsu hard drive died after 1 year ... all laptop i've used, i manage to have the hard drive die on me after 1 year ... just no luck ...
i hope rest of computer is not on timer for permanent shut down... =b

Jagath Weerasinghe said...

Is it usual for laptops to die in less than 3 years? My VAIO stopped working in less than 3 years, spent US$ 2200 at a circuit city outlet. I think sony vaio notebooks are bad!! However I am visiting Tokyo this week please tell me a place where I can get my VAIO notebook repaired. JAGATH