Friday, February 11, 2011

shu uemura rouge unlimited supreme shine SS WH 003

Jojoba's post on the new Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Supreme Shine lipstick prompted me to put some information about my older supreme shine lipstick up too.

I bought this lipstick in Taipei last summer. It's a new, super glossy lipstick line from Shu Uemura, in the old packaging.

According to a saleslady in Hankyu, this line was planned to be released in Japan last year, but they decided to revamp the packaging. 2 limited edition colors go on sale today in Japan, and the full line will be released in April.

WH 003 is basically a sheer, glossy, sparkly lipstick - good for making other lipsticks and glosses sparkly and a tad bit lighter in color. Great for evenings out. I really enjoy the texture, as it's quite light, but I find it a little rough and my lips tingle the tiniest bit when I put it on.

As you can see, the cap has already cracked in 3 places; it's a good thing they decided to revamp the packaging! It would be nice if they would replace my cap too, though.

Cosmetic Candy had the same issue with all three of her lipsticks! They should definitely give her new caps. My lipstick is tilting to the side too, as she mentioned. Hopefully the revamped version, which Jojoba has, doesn't have that problem.

As a lippy, I really like it. Just don't get the version with the flat top, stick to the new rounded cap.


jojoba (My Makeup Reviews) said...

I have updated my review on the new packaging and linked it back to your pictures for comparison. Thank you so much for checking it out for me!

kuri said...

my pleasure! It's good to know that they improved the packaging, as i really do like the lippy.
Thanks for your review!