Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Profusion Feline Lip Luster in Purr

Profusion Luxy Lips in a strong red (L) and Feline Lip Luster in PURR (r)
Pigmented and opaque, Purr is a pinky beige that will probably suit ladies with less pale lips, but personally it washes my pigmented lips out in a very unflattering, chalky manner. 

It makes a pretty good concealer, probably thanks to a decent amount of white pigment.  It acts like my Shu Uemura WH 001 lipstick.  The Feline Lip Luster cream formula is pretty flat - there's not really any shine, although it isn't matte or drying.  The color visibly sinks into lines a bit, but since it isn't too emollient, as a concealer it works pretty well.

One of the more standard pinks probably would have been a better choice for a wearable color, but I prefer beiges to pinks.  I will be using this to tone down my strong lip colors, including the red Profusion Luxy Lips, which is a lot of fun.  Look for these products at the beauty bins in Walgreens - $1 plus tax is hard to beat.  I believe this product is made in China.

I'm going to start ending posts with music videos.  I'll start with my current favorite, the new song from Ameriie, "OUT LOUD":

You may remember Ameriie from when she spelled her name Amerie.

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