Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tokyo Food Recommendations: Aoyama/Shibuya/Ebisu

The original Tokyo Food Recs page is getting a bit big so I'm breaking it out into sections, slowly.

Today's post focuses on the 青山 Aoyama/渋谷 Shibuya/恵比寿 Ebisu area of Tokyo, courtesy of my friend マシューナッツ.  It's a bit spare on photos right now because it is taking a lot of time to sift through my years of food photos.

For excellent Japanese cuisine, check out 雨後晴 Amenochihare - the weekday lunches at their 青山 Aoyama branch are a deal; they usually have a scrumptious daily sashimi course - 刺身コース for a low 1260 yen or so.  Caution: only their Aoyama branch is open for lunch, and only on weekdays.  My friend used to torment me with pictures of lunch at this place.

In 渋谷 Shibuya, The Coffee Hangar serves Japanese Double Tall coffee, and the barista is an expert.  There are actually cafes directly owned by Double Tall, but this place puts them to shame.  Until last year this coffee stand was only open 9-6 on weekdays, but since 2015 they've been open on weekends also, so hopefully you'll have a chance to drop by.  マシューナッツ would wax lyrical about the coffee here.

For a rare beef katsu (fried beef cutlet) fried for only 60 seconds, check out 牛かつもと村 Gyu-katsu Motomura.  If you're like me, order #2 (1300 yen), while if you're conservative, order the standard #1.  You will have to wait, so go at an off-peak time, like 3-5 pm.  They're open from 11am to 11pm, and usually it's a 30 minute wait, but on weekends it has been known to take 2 hours.  It's a little hard to find as it's below street level, but this reviewer has pictures of the front of the shop.  It's a tiny shop with 9 seats where people get in and out quickly.  My friend hates to wait, but would wait patiently with his coworkers, sometimes for 45 minutes for lunch.

As previously mentioned on the main page, if you're over by the 恵比寿 Ebisu area around lunch time, check out とり鶏梵梵 (English gurunavi page) for the best chicken katsu curry ever.  Amazing.  Check out the specials too.  Be aware, the "regular" size is kind of large (so maybe perfect for Americans).  Sadly they don't serve the chicken katsu at dinnertime.  It's a little out of the way, but totally worth it, and not as well known as restaurants like Gyu-katsu Motomura, so much easier to get in to.  Try avoiding the rush by going around 1:30 or 2.

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